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Start your journey to mental wellbeing at Harmony Psychiatric Clinic.

Looking For The Best Psychiatrists in Cape Town?

Welcome to Harmony Clinic, where we focus on empowering those who struggle with mental health conditions to find a way out of the darkness and start looking forward to a better life. Our proven track record, world-class programme and care facility, and expert team of psychiatrists make Harmony Clinic your safe place. How can we assist you? 

    Harmony is registered with the Department of Health and the Department Of Social Development. It is a member of the Psychiatric Focus Form and the National Hospital Network.

    You deserve to be happy and feel in control of your life.

    Good mental health is a right. While it’s normal to worry, feel sad, upset or have difficulty dealing with negative emotions from time to time, this usually passes.

    But for some of us, these feelings don’t resolve on their own. They worsen with time and lead to long-term mental health issues like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, and health problems such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD and much more.

    It’s what we call a mental health condition. It’s a disorder that negatively impacts your thoughts, mood, behaviour and overall wellbeing. But it doesn’t define you. And if you’ve been suffering in silence, break the cycle. Struggling with your mental health isn’t a dirty little secret that you have to guard at all costs. No one is judging you.

    “Mental health does not discriminate. We can all develop mental health problems at different points in our lives.”

    Looking for a Psychiatrist in Cape Town? Here is the good news…

    Mental health disorders are treatable, and you can make a lasting recovery. We’d like to see you through this journey.

    At Harmony, we provide the best mental health treatment available, helping you to heal and embrace the life you’ve always wanted in a safe and supportive environment. We cater to those in a psychological crisis brought on by a traumatic event, life stressors, an underlying psychiatric vulnerability, a chronic illness or a combination of these factors.

    No two people are alike, which is why we provide a bespoke treatment plan designed by expert psychiatrists to treat the immediate problem. And we help you and your loved ones to plan your life post-discharge. While our immediate focus is to provide relief from the symptoms of psychiatric illnesses, our ultimate goal is to help you change the direction of your life.

    Sustainable mental health doesn’t have to be a dream. Make it your reality. Choose Harmony.



    Helping you see what life could be.

    Have you hit rock bottom?
    If you suffer from depression, bipolar mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, adjustment disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, trauma and self-harm behaviours, ask for help.

    You don’t have to be afraid or feel broken and helpless.Our interdisciplinary team is here to empower you and help you on your journey to healing.

    We offer care that encompasses the complete bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach. It’s a flexible patient-centred approach coordinated by dedicated teams to deliver world-class mental health care.

    Our Treatment Plan

    Addresses symptomatic relief for you.

    Identifies and treats the underlying factors that lead to psychological distress.

    Teaches you to replace unhealthy behaviours such as self-imposed isolation, self-harm, substance abuse, aggression and suicidality, with healthy coping mechanisms.

    Advises alternative lifestyle changes needed to enable long-term and sustainable mental health.

    Our Treatment Approach

    To give you the best care, we coordinate and integrate our counselling, psychiatric and therapeutic activities.

    We plan and regularly review your healing journey to ensure you achieve your goals and meet outcomes.

    We consistently search for new and improved ways to treat our patients.

    We recognise that mental health is complex, and no patient is the same. It’s why we consider a broader framework when addressing the individual needs of you, our patient. We take the whole person, not just their psychiatric diagnosis, into consideration.

    Central Pillars of our Treatment Approach

    At Harmony, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and specifically the development of mindfulness is a key focus area. So we intentionally create time in our programme for you to practise and master this vital skill.

    We know that trauma is a leading cause of mental illness, so we’ll work closely with you to identify past trauma and deal with it effectively during your stay.

    While most of the therapy occurs in therapeutic groups, you’ll also attend individual sessions with your assigned therapist or psychiatrist. During these sessions, you’ll be given personalised assignments to work on. Conjoint sessions, whether via Skype or in-person with those in your therapy group, will be arranged to guarantee everyone work towards a common goal.


    Reasons Why Harmony Clinic is the preferred Psychiatric Hospital


    Inclusive of Family and Employers

    We encourage your family, employer, and referring professionals to take part in your treatment programme. Regular visits and their active participation can enhance the success of your treatment.


    Ideal Location and Facility

    Surrounded by mountains and the ocean within the scenic valley of Hout Bay in Cape Town, Harmony offers comfortable accommodation, good food, a swimming pool, and taking strolls on local beaches. Choose Harmony, a place that will impact your journey to recovery.


    Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Team

    Trust is essential.
    That’s why our team comprises leading psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and registered nurses to ensure you’ll receive the finest care.


    Medical Aid Covered and Facilitated

    We work with most medical aids to cover your psychiatric treatment. We know how time-consuming the administration and paperwork can be, there we complete it on your behalf, so that you don’t have to worry.


    Registered and Certified

    That’s right. Harmony is registered with the Department of Health and the Department of Social Development.
    We are also a member of the Psychiatric Focus Forum and the National Hospital Network.


    Walking the road to recovery with you.

    Only the best in care will do. That’s why our Harmony Cape Town team comprises leading psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and registered nurses. They embody our ethos, which is caring, compassionate, professional, experienced and competent.

    Siobhan Alford

    Hospital Manager

     As the head of our house, Siobhan runs our facility and ensures your stay provides the comforts of home.

    Jeané Coetzee


    Taking ownership of our clinical programme, Jeané ensures you receive a tailor-made treatment plan.

    Kyle Collins

    Head of Admissions

    As your first connection to Harmony, trust Kyle to walk you through the admission process.

    Nicky Liebenberg

    Nursing Manager

    Leading our team of nurses, Nicky takes care of all your medical needs.

    Wondering whether Harmony is the right fit for you?  

    Then talk to us. We want you to make an informed decision about your health. So visit our facility, psychiatrists and meet our team. We can accelerate your treatment and improve your mental wellness and quality of life. You just need to believe it. Step out of the darkness and take a chance on a future you’ve always wanted.

    Call today, email us or complete the below form.

      Call: +27 (0)21 790 7779
      Address: 7 Valley Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town

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